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‘Insurance’. A topic that is pretty taboo and that people would generally shun away from. However, insurance is an essential, diverse, and highly regulated industry that affects virtually everyone in this country. Typically, many people will not come out and say they would like to buy insurance but if you do your research, almost everyone has insurance coverage. They bought it from someone, why not you?

Due to this pandemic, and everything that comes with it—the lockdown, stay home orders, etc., there is plenty of time for us to reflect and redefine our lives. Although some unfortunate ones were retrenched or suffered pay cuts in the process, this whole situation is a much-needed wake-up call for us. If you are at the crossroads, thinking of switching career path or hope to make a difference in your community, a career in insurance might be the answer.  

So why a career in insurance?

No (or Low) Capital Required

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For some reason, many people think running a business or becoming their own boss is impossible. Meanwhile, most insurance consultants are living the dream—flexi working hours, good pay, and work-life balance. It costs you almost nothing to start an insurance career. The bare minimum you need is a license and a laptop/iPad, which some firms even pay for you to take the exam and supply you with the tool.

Mentorship and Support

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Insurance firms today have very effective support systems for rookies. You can expect onboarding and training programs rivalling large MNCs; coaching and skills training along with the usual product training. For those looking to limit the risk of a long learning curve, you would do well just to follow the system to see your results stream in quickly.

Ultra-Low Risk

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If you start with a tied agency or principal insurance company, nearly everything is paid for. You get to work in an office or infrastructure with a pretty swanky address, and on days where you don’t feel like leaving the house, feel free to just call it a “work-from-home” day. Overall, the cost of operations does not burden consultants all that much.

Why Ken Wee Organisation (KWO)?

At KWO, our team is like a big family and you will never be alone. Through the good and the bad, we will always be there to support one another and overcome obstacles together, as a family. Since our success is pegged to your success, your failure will also mean ours. But we don’t fail, which means neither will you. 

A career in insurance may not necessarily be easy for some, but it will be worth it. 

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