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Singapore, just like any other countries, is not exempted from the detrimental consequences of the pandemic. Many companies had no choice but to lay off workers in order to stay afloat and a survey by Jobstreet has shown that 1 out of 4 Singaporeans had lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

Now that the future seems bleak and is filled with uncertainties and worries, should we be giving up on our dreams? Certainly not.

What is stopping you from getting that dream job?

With or without this soul-crushing pandemic, there is always a reason to not do something. Sometimes fear gets in our way and taking risks would be the last thing we want. Imagine this, the majority of people in your circle are saying that you should take up a career in the medical sector because you are good at it but all you ever wanted is to become a painter. Would you give up on your dreams to make others happy? 

In most cases, monetary factors could be the reason why people are not pursuing their dream career. Some of us might have the luxury to pursue our passion because we are financially stable, while for others, chasing dreams might always be just a dream. But it does not have to be that way. A workaround to this is to set a goal. If you have many obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your goal, think of plenty of solutions to overcome it!

How to pursue your dream job?

Be realistic

It’s important to know that achieving your dream job is not a one-step process. If you are new to the industry, it will take you some time to familiarise yourself. Although you might want to jump into it immediately, you need to be realistic and take baby steps. Start your journey from the bottom and work your way up.

Don’t doubt yourself

Doesn’t matter how intimidating the road to success is, you need to prove at least to yourself that you can reach the top and win that dream job. To do this, you can confront your doubts head-on and try to look at it from a positive angle. Think of the solutions to your problem rather than doubting yourself. It’s normal to have doubts every now and then but you need to look at it as an opportunity for greater success.

Don’t be afraid

The key is to not let your fears and worries hold you back. Pursuing your dreams could mean new challenges but it is okay to make mistakes. Some of the most successful leaders in the world have failed many times before they made it big, so why can’t you? Identify your challenges and try to think of solutions that could help you along the way and you will then realise that your fear might not be as big as you think.

Take the first step

Taking the first step could be as simple as doing research or seeking advice from experts. When asking for advice, you need to be able to take criticisms well. Oftentimes, people are more sceptical than encouraging, and they are quick to point out the risks which can be disheartening. Nevertheless, you are the one who gets to decide what your next move is. Ignore the naysayers and take the first step towards achieving your goal!

Never give up

The most important thing to remember is to never give up. Pursuing your dream job may not be an easy task and it could also be very time-consuming. So, prepare yourself and don’t be in a rush. To quote Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the US, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” The job will always be there for you when the time comes, but for the time being, gain yourself some experience and never give up!

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