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In some countries, people question their safety and wellbeing on a daily basis even prior to this Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the economy being gravely affected, Singapore is still considered lucky. Our government managed to introduce various stimulus packages and grants within a short span of time, and this support has given us a sense of security and calm amidst the chaos. 

We are now seeing the light of day and this could not have happened without the help of Total Defence, which has developed our Singapore can-do spirit today. Our people are taught to defend our country from all forms of attack, be it military or non-military. With everyone contributing in the six different pillars—military, civil, economic, social, digital and psychological, we managed to get up in no time. Every contribution, big or small, played a part in our country’s recovery during this time.

While we do our part and stay at home, frontline workers are also working tirelessly to maintain the status quo. These heroes include healthcare workers, grab drivers, chefs, civil servants, bankers and financial advisers, among others. A financial adviser’s job may seem trivial but who do people go to when they are in dire need of help to make claims in the event of emergency or to find solutions to their financial-related concerns?

Today, we are living in the age of uncertainty. And if you think about it, what has a financial adviser been teaching us about all this while? It is always about preparing for the unexpected or the worst. Their responsibility is to defend us against the unknown, by making sure we are well prepared, financially, to face all uncertainties.

Financial advisers are key players in the Economic Defence. Along with the government and businesses, financial advisers are here to help maintain and protect the country’s economy and welfare. At KWO, we will help you realise your full potential every step of the way. If you want to be that hero and contribute to your people, come join us on a mission to help more people stay protected in this unprecedented time.

Let us all come together stronger and united this National Day. We may be standing apart from each other, but we have never been closer in spirit.