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When we were first hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, many people were dealing with uncertainties and worries as to what the future holds for them as some of the economic sectors in Singapore were severely affected such as the accommodation, transport, arts and entertainment, and recreation sectors. However, this issue does not concern everyone as there are recession-proof careers. If you have just graduated and unsure of which career path to set foot on, take a look at the following list:

7 recession-proof careers you can look into

1. Healthcare

Now we know why many parents always pressure their kids to become doctors. Some may say it is old-fashioned but if you think about it, with or without the pandemic, human beings and animals are not free from sickness. Your health does not depend on whether or not the economy is booming. People will get sick and babies will be born. Working in the healthcare sector promises you a safe spot even during turbulent times. You can work as a medical doctor, registered nurse, pharmacist, physician, dentist and many more. Even during a recession, people will still visit the hospital or the nearest pharmacy to get their health in check, making this job recession-proof.

2. Education

In Singapore, education is important and educators are considered essential employees. We prioritise education because learning is a future investment. Educators can educate their students through online courses during this pandemic. Even when the economy is slow, there will always be new knowledge that can be learnt and children will still need to be nurtured, which is why working in the education sector promises you job security.

3. IT Professionals

Now that many people are working and studying remotely, the demand for IT professionals is higher than ever before. More businesses are offering employees to work from home and are using technology to reduce overhead costs. As we rely heavily on technology in this new era, jobs such as IT support, cybersecurity, software developing and programming are considered recession-proof.

4. Delivery Services

Delivery and courier services are some of the hottest jobs among Singaporeans during this pandemic. All you need to have is a mean of transportation and you are good to go. With many people locked in their house, there is a spike in online shopping as well as food delivery. Nowadays, you can get almost everything delivered to your doorstep which is why a career in the delivery industry is safe from recession.

5. Public Sector Jobs

A job in the public sector is one of the most stable jobs you can acquire as they are less affected by the recession and are provided with more job security. In Singapore, we call these jobs the “iron rice bowls” as they are safe from any form of recession. Some of the jobs available in the public sector are army officers, IT consultants and accounts executives.

6. Utility Workers

Basic services such as electric, water, sewage and waste are all crucial in maintaining order and public health. So it is safe to say that a career in the utility sector is safe from recession. Countries will surely need their utility personnel to help keep things in order, regardless of the economic climate.

7. Financial Advisers

In order to stay afloat (and be better prepared for the future) during tough times, people tend to seek help from financial advisers. Some of the important roles of financial services include accountants, insurance underwriters, debt management counsellors, auditors and many more. All of these jobs require professional certifications which is why people require their expertise in handling finances.

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